High School Students

High School Opportunities

Did you know that AIM offers enrollment for students 14+ attending high school?

Enrollment Options:

PD Days – Join AIM for PD days!
Summer Camp Days: Join AIM for summer days or weeks of your choice.
March Break Days: Attend AIM for the whole March break or days of your choice.
Winter Break Days: Attend AIM for winter break days throughout the holidays.
Casual Attendance: Spend an occasional day with AIM or when the opportunity arises in your schedule.


As a community active program with a 5:1 participant to staff ratio, AIM can support individuals who: can travel safely in small supervised groups throughout the community, are generally independent in the washroom, and who do not have aggressive behaviours.

Contact Us for a Tour

We will arrange an approx. 30 minute tour for you and your potential participant at your convenience!