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Submitted by an Adults in Motion Family….

As we approach our 10th anniversary at Adults In Motion, we reflect on how grateful we are for the last 10 years of superb care and lasting friendships. From Jane and Rodd, in the very beginning, to presently Stephanie, Laura, Emily, Heather and Rachel. Coming out of high school was a scary time. Transitions are never easy but we knew Adults In Motion would be an amazing fit for our family. Jesse deserved a place to call her own, a reason to get out of bed and share her talents with her peers. We started off one day a week, waiting on Passport approval. In November, we were finally approved for Passport funding (don’t take no for an answer!), and Jesse was able to participate 3 days a week! She has made extra special friendships and has been truly loved and cared for. A place where she can just be herself! Community involvement has been a favourite activity…whose car did you travel in today?

From a parents’ perspective, you cannot imagine the relief and heartwarming love that I have for  this program that I know will embrace my child as one of their own. We have all grown together with respect for each other’s opinions and advice. Rodd and Shelley Murphy are so considerate and generous with their time and all talents. There are definitely no hours of operation….they are a 24/7 team.

Now bring on Covid!?! Rodd and Shelley made sure that everyone stayed connected with Zooms up to 5 times a day for all four Adults In Motion sites.  Adults In Motion has the most amazing staff! I don’t want to mention names for fear that I will forget someone, but I feel that Jesse connected with staff and participants she may not meet in person from other sites. There were different activities for all interests. Not going to lie, Lunch with Rodd was a Zoom that Jesse never missed! Re-entry to the program was done very professionally with all comfort levels considered.

Adults In Motion has grown with added sites and services that we will be accessing in the future. I am looking forward to use these services because there is no other place I would like Jesse to be. If she can’t be with us, I am confident that yours are the next best hands to be in.

Thank you and bless you Murphys and all the former and present Adults In Motion staff. You  have been a godsend to our family!

💜 The Livingstone Family

P.S. And thank you Shelley, for sharing your husband with my daughter!

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