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Here you’ll find stories of how our Adults in Motion adventure began, learn about our values, our people and opportunities for all our members!

Our story

The Adults in Motion story begins when Rodd and Shelley Murphy met in 1998. While working in a residential home for adults with high behavioral support needs and significant mental health challenges, Rodd and Shelley both recount that it was love at first sight.

During a January snow storm, Shelley’s car allegedly became ‘stuck’ at work resulting in her joining Rodd for his shift that evening (the verdict is still out as to whether Shelley was really stuck in that snow drift or not 😉 The shift ended with Rodd returning home announcing to his family that he had met the girl he was going to marry, while at the same time, Shelley drove home practicing what could be her new married name… ”Shelley Murphy… Shelley Lorraine Murphy”, she recited out loud and liked the sound of it. This is a true story.

Fast forward some years, including a marriage and a handful of children, Rodd and Shelley found themselves owning and operating residential home programs for high risk teenagers in foster care for the Children’s Aid Society of Guelph. For 15 years they helped raise, guide and mentor dozens of foster children with the help of their team of extraordinary mentors. It was during that time that a spark for supporting people with disabilities was reignited and in 2009 the Murphys set out to ‘fill a need’ in the disability community.

Rodd and Shelley wanted to ‘find a need and fill it’ (The Robots Movie, 2005) and more specifically, discover what people with disabilities were missing and where they could help with a solution. They soon learned that after graduation, at the age of 21, people with developmental disabilities had limited options for filling their days in meaningful ways while still receiving the support they needed. Rodd and Shelley were inspired by their belief that ‘Everyone has the right to be accepted, valued and understood. To have a place where what they do has meaning and purpose, not only them but to others and to their greater community”. It was with that belief, that Adults in Motion was created. Providing day programming for adults with disabilities in a safe, welcoming, inclusive, fun and meaningful place to spend their time and be involved in their community. A fundamental importance to this design was the thinking that THIS would be a place that Rodd and Shelley would want to send their own loved one to: a place that could be trusted with integrity, family values and where common sense and compassion are the foundation.

Therefore, in 2009 our flagship Kitchener day program opened, followed by our Oakville program in 2016, then the Cambridge location opening in 2017 and the Hamilton day program in 2019. With Covid-19 starting in 2020, this brought on the addition of the Virtual OnLine Programs which continues to be a popular online option for people across North America.

The roots of the Adults in Motion story are honest and heartfelt, with the intent to make a little piece of the world a better place by giving people the things that everyone is entitled to – a place of belonging, acceptance and importance.

How we help

  • encourage growth
  • enhance life experiences
  • build friendships
  • provide meaningful activities
  • create real opportunities
  • increase skill development
  • foster purposeful community connections.
Stephanie F - Kitchener

Our values

Common sense

Just because something has always been done one way doesn’t mean it shouldn’t change. We evolve, improve and make changes based on new information, experiences and member collaboration. We are continually committed to finding solutions and creating ‘new’ by using common sense and an open mind.


Being actually and exactly what we claim to be. We won’t say it or promise it if it isn’t true. We’ve got the evidence and the reputation to prove it. It’s that simple.


Like a spider’s web connecting our members, our families, our staff, and our greater communities. Together we celebrate victories, overcome adversity and make opportunities. Our values of collaboration creates thriving programming for members, inspires inclusion in the community and allows families and staff to have a voice in our operations.


A root value of our ‘family based’ beliefs. Our conduct from the front lines all the way up to our founding leadership is built on the foundation of transparency, accountability, integrity, honesty and trust. We believe there is no other way to do it.


No specific talent required, just a big heart and a little bit of time. Our in-person volunteers fill our member’s days with novelty, friendship and the feeling of community. Our virtual volunteers fill our screens with entertainment and laughter. Our behind the scenes volunteers impact all our operations. There’s a volunteer spot for all stages of life from co-op students, to retired seniors to everyone in between.

Meet your team

We have built a happy, energetic group of dedicated professionals at Adults in Motion.  Every one of us is passionate about the encouraging, empathetic and social atmosphere in our community.  Supporting your loved one is our focus. Come get to know us.

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