Unveiling the Power of Puzzles: A Therapeutic Journey for a Healthy Mind

An illustration of a brain divided up into puzzle pieces

Discover the transformative power of puzzles in ‘Puzzles – Beyond Entertainment’. Explore how these engaging activities serve as therapeutic tools, enhancing cognitive functions, memory, problem-solving, and reasoning skills. Puzzles are not just for entertainment; they are potent tools for cognitive development, offering benefits for individuals with and without developmental disabilities.

Finding a place to shine your light

Welcome to Adults in Motion

Amidst the bustling communities of southwestern Ontario, there exists a special place where individuals with developmental disabilities find connection and purpose – welcome to Adults in Motion. Founded in 2009 by the compassionate and dedicated Rodd and Shelley Murphy, this day program has become a guiding light for those seeking connection, growth, and a place […]

The Titans meet Adults in Motion

the Cambridge Titans meet Adults in Motion

The business of making community connections is a lot of what we do, and we made a slam dunk when we connected with the KW Titans, a professional CBL basketball team. On Wednesday May 3, 2023 our members were invited to attend the Titans final home game of their season – and attend we did!  […]

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