The Sunflower Lanyard – Supporting Hidden Disabilities

History of the Sunflower Lanyard ProgramThe Sunflower Lanyard program was introduced in 2016 at London Gatwick Airport,initially designed to identify passengers with hidden disabilities who may requireadditional assistance while traveling. Its creators aimed to provide a subtle yet visiblemeans for airport staff to recognize that the wearer may need extra help, time, orunderstanding while navigating […]

Let’s talk about Disability

Disability terms

Some people do, or feel the need to tip-toe around the word disability as if it is a dirty word by using modified language and alternative phrases. In place of the word ‘disability’ society has often implemented trendy euphemisms or new ways to navigate the use of this word. Far too often I see non-disabled […]

If They Knew

staff with adults with disabilities

Today I’m seventeen.  Five years ago I had just started at a new school and had only one friend. My class was filled with students who had grown up together, so it was tough. I remember a few weeks into the year another new kid joined our class from Saskatchewan and he knew no one. […]

Bless the Murphys

staff with adults with disabilities

Submitted by an Adults in Motion Family…. As we approach our 10th anniversary at Adults In Motion, we reflect on how grateful we are for the last 10 years of superb care and lasting friendships. From Jane and Rodd, in the very beginning, to presently Stephanie, Laura, Emily, Heather and Rachel. Coming out of high […]

On-Line Workshop: Feelings & Coping in COVID

Adults in Motion has partnered with Trillium Support Services to bring you a special Adults in Motion virtual workshop.  For 2 evenings, join our Director Rodd Murphy and Nicole Staples Dorey (Trillium) to explore; your feelings throughout COVID, supports in your life you can turn to and strategies to help cope with our changing world.  […]

COVID ‘Face-Covering’ Opinions

The government of Canada has advice for us to wear ‘face masks’ to stop the spread of germs during COVID-19.  I totally get this and advocate for the same.  But I personally have asked some recent questions about whether  ‘face shields’ are just as efficient as ‘face masks’ in stopping the spread?   To me, ‘face […]

cAIMbridge saves the day!

friends with adults with disabilities

Did you know there are hero’s among us!? Dressed in everyday AIM clothing? Check out this story…. For three years, Cambridge staff and participants have been taking pride in their weekly Meals on Wheels delivers.  This volunteer placement began when the program first opened. At the time, there were fewer participants, so it seemed like […]

Did you know it’s PWS month!?

rock your socks with adults with disabilities

Do you know what PWS is?  Did you know we’re celebrating awareness this month for a syndrome that affects 1 in every 15,000 people?   Pradar-Willi Syndrome (PWS) is a rare genetic disorder, and because it’s so rare it’s even more important to promote awareness and advocacy!  PWS is most commonly known for affecting appetite regulation, […]

My very best friends

staff with adults with disabilities

Sometimes I forget how completely lucky I am. The other day while riding the bus downtown with some of our participants, I watched a woman with her two small children. She looked exhausted as she attempted to calm them, reminding them to sit down; I could hear the frustration in her voice at times. As […]

‘Blue’ Day for Autism!

staff with adults with disabilities

How did you celebrate WORLD AUTISM AWARENESS DAY!? Did you wear blue?!… We did! Each April 2nd the autism awareness campaign works to  raise awareness and increase  understanding and acceptance of people with autism. Many of our friends at Adults in Motion live with autism and we’ve learned and continue to learn so much from […]

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