Covid-19 Response


At the onset of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Adults in Motion recognized the importance of finding safe ways to stay connected with others.  This was especially true for our friends with disabilities and their families.  To meet the needs of our community, Adults in Motion quickly responded with the addition of new programs and services.  Our programs and services included robust safety measures in coordination with public health and ministry guidelines.  Since the initial March 2020 shutdown, our Day Programs have reopened and continue to operate under The Health and Social Services section of the Government’s Framework, allowing us to provide necessary supports and services  to individuals with disabilities. 

We continue to expand our new services that were developed as a response to COVID restrictions, including a robust virtual programming option. We recognize that many people with disabilities still can’t return to their pre-COVID routines.  Our goal is to provide programs and services to help keep people connected while also promoting good mental and physical health.  


We remain committed to the ongoing safety and well being of our Adults in Motion family and our larger communities.  We have implemented numerous COVID-19 safeguards in our day programs and our other services where applicable.  At this time, our community-active programming has been modified for COVID safety.  We’ve used creativity and ‘new thinking’ so our participants can continue to experience community inclusion and make a positive impact on the world around them. 

Donate to support

Our Adults in Motion community needs your support now more than ever.  As a registered Not-for-Profit donations of money, resources or time go directly to supporting individuals with extraordinary needs and our program delivery.  

Essential Service Needs

If you believe you are in need of essential supports from Adults in Motion, please contact your program directly by email. We will then reach out to you and assess if we can meet your essential needs on an individual basis.

Possible reasons for Essential Service needs:

  • You work front line and need care for your individual
  • You have a mandatory recall back to work and need care
  • You have serious health needs as a caregiver
  • Other reasons you believe qualify you for essential supports



A Message from your Directors

Our continued journey through COVID-19 has certainly been an adventure!  We’re so proud of our staff team who rose to the challenge of connecting with participants, families and each other during an unprecedented shutdown period.  We’re inspired by our participants for being so brave and open to learning new skills and trying new ways of connecting on-line.  We’re humbled by our AIM families who put their trust in our team to maintain safety and teach their loved ones how to be together again in this new world.  We are united and this continues to make the difference as we experience these times.  As your directors, we remain focused on safety over anything, creativity and being good leaders in making smart decisions for moving forward.  

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