Kitchener-Waterloo 2022 Jingle Mingle Christmas Party

Another year of celebrating the holiday season with our annual Jingle Mingle! 

This December our Kitchener and Cambridge families, participants, staff and friends came together at our Kitchener location to cheer for another year with out Adults in Motion community.  As tradition, our Jingle Mingle night included a cookie and treat exchange table and refreshments thanks to the generosity of families and volunteers! 

Activity tables included a craft table for ornament making as well as an Etsy table to show off our participant’s art which can be purchased on our Etsy site year round.  The night wouldn’t have been complete without our concert of songs led by our staff teams and participants which included sign language and singing to Jingle Bells and a sing-along to We Wish you a Merry Christmas which had the whole building singing! 

Topping off our Jingle Mingle was a surprise visit from Santa who brought participants new Adults in Motion t-shirts which were shown off proudly by all.  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from our Adults in Motion family!

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