The Sunflower Lanyard – Supporting Hidden Disabilities

History of the Sunflower Lanyard ProgramThe Sunflower Lanyard program was introduced in 2016 at London Gatwick Airport,initially designed to identify passengers with hidden disabilities who may requireadditional assistance while traveling. Its creators aimed to provide a subtle yet visiblemeans for airport staff to recognize that the wearer may need extra help, time, orunderstanding while navigating […]

Unveiling the Power of Puzzles: A Therapeutic Journey for a Healthy Mind

An illustration of a brain divided up into puzzle pieces

Discover the transformative power of puzzles in ‘Puzzles – Beyond Entertainment’. Explore how these engaging activities serve as therapeutic tools, enhancing cognitive functions, memory, problem-solving, and reasoning skills. Puzzles are not just for entertainment; they are potent tools for cognitive development, offering benefits for individuals with and without developmental disabilities.

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