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Day programs for adults with developmental disabilities


Fun and exciting day program activities are preplanned each day – such as creative arts, music programs, important life skills, field trips, volunteering and exciting activities out in the community. With 15 participants a day, not everyone can always do the same activity at the same time, so we either take turns where possible or offer another favorable activity that day. All regular participants receive a monthly calendar of planned activities however it’s important to note that plans can sometimes change unexpectedly due to factors like weather conditions, dynamics, or better opportunities that arise. In such cases, we prioritize supporting our participants through any changes and encourage flexibility to embrace new experiences and opportunities. Activity planning and choices are inspired by participant interests and passions of all members. They call us Adults in MOTION for a reason!

Monthly fees paid by the first of each month hold the participants’ attendance days for that month. Your days are yours as long as you continue to pay the monthly fees. A written withdrawal request must be submitted to stop monthly charges and then the spot will be made available for another individual to join our program. There is no notice period required and no locked in period beyond the month you have already paid for. Passport funds can be used for all Adults in Motion programs, and direct billing to Passport is an option upon your request.

Our program doors open to participants at 8:15am and participants must depart the program by 3:45 pm each day. For participant safety and supervision, we ask that these designated open and closed times are adhered to. Morning drop offs can occur after 8:15am and pick up can occur before 3:45pm. However please keep in mind that our active programming and community adventures might have us away from the program site. We kindly request that caregivers communicate any late arrivals or early pickups with the program to ensure proper coordination. Due to our active schedule and robust programs, we do not offer half day attendance.

Yes! We have Camp Days which are designed for high school students (aged 16+) who still attend school but are looking for fun things to do during school breaks. These include PD days and school holidays such as March Break, Winter Break and the summertime. Students can register for ‘Camp Days’ and join our day programs and activities as a participant, where they can explore what life could be like after high school… or simply join to meet new friends, try some fun activities and be part of our Adults in Motion community. High school students who do well with transitions and who thrive in a 5:1 support setting are most successful in our day programs.

Easy! Go to our ‘Virtual Program’ page on this website. There you can see the monthly calendar showing our current virtual classes, topics and times. You will also find a list of class topics and brief descriptions. On the same page, you can also sign up to join the Virtual Programs, with NO upfront fees or commitment required. One you complete the ‘Signup’ questions and submit, our Virtual Team will send you one easy link to get into any of the drop-in virtual classes (using the Zoom platform). You can choose to attend as little or as many classes as you like! Charges only occur after you have attended a class and the invoice is sent to you via email after the month has ended. Easy-peasy-commitment-free!

There is room for up to 15 participants each day in our day programs. Our staff ratio is 5 participants to 1 staff making for a total 15:3 ratio overall. This means that participants who can be supported (in the program and in the community) in a 5:1 support ratio are able to attend our day program.

Due to our high level of community engagement/outings, volunteer work within the community, and our 5:1 support ratio we can not support individuals with aggressive or disruptive behavior or high medical needs. Our exciting and unique programming is part of what makes Adults in Motion special but it also requires us to set participant criteria, so we aren’t always the best fit for everyone. However, our virtual programs might be something you are interested in! If you would like advice on other day programs that can support higher needs, please ask us – we might be able to help refer you elsewhere!

We offer regular attendance that is pre-registered and you can pick your preferred days to attend (space pending). Regular attending participants sign up for repeat days and attend those same days every week until a request to change is made. Monday to Friday are programming days and you can choose from one day a week all the way up to everyday. For instance, Robert attends the Cambridge day program every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday each week. Robert pays a monthly fee to secure those days every month – similar to a gym membership, he secures his spot every month with his fee payment. Robert is considered a ‘regular participant’. We are not a drop in program, so attendance days are preplanned and committed to for the month. However, we do have “Camp Day” options which can provide some ‘casual’ and non committal attendance opportunities, space pending.

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