The Titans meet Adults in Motion

The business of making community connections is a lot of what we do, and we made a slam dunk when we connected with the KW Titans, a professional CBL basketball team.

On Wednesday May 3, 2023 our members were invited to attend the Titans final home game of their season – and attend we did!  We had the incredible privilege of watching the KW Titans win their game against the Windsor Express at the Kitchener Memorial Auditorium. Such an awesome event to attend and to see relationships grow and build outside program hours with all our members – staff, participants, families and the greater Titan’s community.

We had the honour of spending a couple of hours with the talented Titan’s players a couple weeks prior and it was an experience like no other. The Titan’s players, owners and organizers gathered with our day program members at a local community center to shoot some hoops, dunks and share comradery.  The Titan’s couldn’t have been more encouraging, inclusive and genuinely engaged with our members, and we quickly became committed #1 fans.

Fast forward 2 weeks later to the Titan’s final game and no one in that auditorium was more excited, nor cheering more loudly for their Titans, than the group from Adults in Motion! At the game, participants had the incredible opportunity to create a high-five tunnel for the players while they headed onto the court and for onlookers, that was a sight to behold! The smiles, laughter, joy, enthusiasm and pride were written all over their faces! It was a one-of-a-kind treat!

The action never stopped throughout the entire game- there was something for everyone! From dancing at our seats in between quarters, to chatting and cheering with our neighbours with noise makers, and going onto the court at half time to do the chicken dance.  A Titan’s player even recognized our group and shared a half time hug at center court for all to see.  What a cool new friendship, would be an understatement.  

Experiences happen and memories are made within program hours but are also just as impactful and important are these special after-hours events.  Congrats KW Titans on your win! We felt so honoured to be there and to witness your victory!

If you missed this event, don’t worry,  on September 16, 2023 our Adults in Motion members, supporters and friends will be invited again to cheer on the Hamilton Tiger Cats CFL Football Team for our 5th Annual event!  Want tickets?  Contact us 🙂

Nicole Jackson, Adults in Motion Cambridge Team, since 2021

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