AIM is a not-for-profit Day Program for young adults with developmental disABILITIES located in Kitchener, Cambridge and Oakville. AIM offers enrollment to individuals 18+ , as well as special enrollment for high school students during holidays. AIM operates from Monday to Friday from 8am-4pm and is fully accessible.

AIM participants partake in meaningful activities that promote community inclusion for individuals who are interested in making new friendships, trying new things, staying active, and building new skills.

AIM provides opportunities for participants to develop confidence and increase independence.  AIM programming assists participants to develop work skills and engage in purposeful community involvement through volunteerism.


Our Program

Adults In Motion ~ EST. 2009

  • Specialized & Accessible Program Spaces
  • Large, Fully Equipped Kitchen
  • Activities Hall/Gymnasium
  • Strategically located
  • Bright, Welcoming Atmosphere
  • Sensory Room (Kitchener location)

Meaningful & Engaging Program Activities

With help from our volunteers and the community we are able to offer ongoing special program activities.  We couldn’t possibly list them all but here are a few favorites:

  • Music Program
  • Cooking Program
  • E-Waste Recycling Program
  • Field trips
  • Art Programs
  • Yoga &  ‘Boxercise’ Programs
  • Drum and Rhythm Circle
  • Grocery Shopping & Bus adventures
  • Performances & Celebrations
  • Special Ed Choir
  • Special Guests and MORE!

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Professional & Highly Trained, Experienced Staff

Our staff team shares decades of combined experience working with the special needs community. Combined with their passion for improving the lives of our participants, their big hearts make them a perfect fit for the AIM Family!

Inclusive Atmosphere

At AIM we pride ourselves on providing services to individuals with a variety of interests & ABILITIES. We are a place of belonging, so don’t be shy – there’s someone here who can’t wait to be your friend.

Supported Community Inclusion Programming

Partnerships with local businesses and organizations enable participants to engage in work/volunteer placements to gain new skills, employment experience and make new social connections in the community.

Transportation Assistance

Need help getting to and from AIM? There are a number of options available. Contact us and let’s work together to find the best solution to meet your needs.

Thanks to Wendell Motors of Kitchener, AIM has purchased a van to make getting out in the community even easier!

Lunch Program

Participants will enjoy prepping, eating and serving FREE lunch specials provided by AIM. Schedule to be provided.

High School Student Opportunities

For individuals still in high school, please contact us.  We can discuss school holiday enrollment options, special pricing and transition planning:

Winter break day program
March break day program
Summer & PD day program

When you refer a friend who registers as a participant at A.I.M. (Special Enrollment Excluded) you will receive a $300 CASH CREDIT
towards your next month’s program fees!

Your name must be shared by the referred person at the time of registration to qualify.

There’s no limit, so…



Our Stories

“Joy of Nothing”

Sometimes I forget how completely lucky I am. The other day while riding the bus downtown with some of our participants, I watched a woman with her two small children. She looked exhausted as she attempted to calm them, reminding them to sit down; I could hear the frustration in her voice at times. As our ride continued, I watched as she became more aware of our participants around her. She watched them say hello to her children. She watched them try to help her calm her crying son by making silly faces and saying “it’s okay, don’t cry”. Then I watched. I watched her body physically relax as she admired our participants. I watched her smile as she witnessed our participants laugh, hug each other, vocally share their excitement and eagerly look out the window at the buildings and people going by. I watched such a beautiful revelation. When our gazes finally met, she said, in the sweetest and most sincere way, “It’s so great they are able to appreciate the ordinary things in life; we all need to do more of that.”

Not everyone reacts this way. I used to get upset when I met people who make it clear that they ‘feel bad’ for the people I support. You can see it in their face and hear it in their voice. Those poor people. But in recent years, I no longer get upset. Instead, I simply ‘feel bad’ for those who feel that way.  “Those poor people” are some of my very best friends and teach me to appreciate the small things in life every single day. I am so lucky to have them in my life. I am so lucky to have friends who do not judge other people, who are so strong, despite the challenges they face, who show so much love to others, and who make my heart feel more full then I ever thought possible.

One of my favourite artists, Foy Vance, wrote a song called “Joy of Nothing”. There is something about finding the joy in absolutely nothing. Something we all need to strive to find daily. A special thank you to all our participants for making this so easy for me. I wish everyone was able to experience this kind of joy.


(A.I.M. Kitchener)


Volunteer Story

“I came to Canada, as an immigrant from Gambia West Africa. Knowing how important it is to gain local experience, I started looking for volunteer opportunities. This led me to my contact with Community Placement Centre who helped me through the volunteer process. I applied to many places but AIM was the first to positively respond.

I have been volunteering at AIM for a while now and this has been an awakening and inspirational period for me. My late dad was a traditional healer and this work also helps me to reconnect with what he does.

I participant in different activities, from helping in monitoring participants, to playing games, craft work, cooking to doing dishes. This is a beautiful experience for me. People with special needs back home are viewed very differently and there are no such opportunities for them. I am looking forward to sharing this experience someday with authorities of my country and even contributing to working on such projects later in the future in my community back home. AIM staff and participants are amazing.”

Matida, former volunteer at AIM