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Community Involvement – They call us ‘Adults In Motion’ for a reason! You can always find us on the go throughout the community  enjoying special events, creating inclusion opportunities or giving back through volunteerism. We put words into ACTION!

Community Excursions – Everyone deserves to find meaning and purpose to their day and that happens at Adults In Motion! Our activities promote community inclusion,  a sense of accomplishment and being a contributing member in our community – which includes volunteerism! We all have gifts to give, we will help you find and share yours.

Friendships – We dare you not to smile! Come find a good laugh, a wide smile or a new friend here at Adults In Motion. With a diverse group of participants and interests, there’s someone here who can’t wait to be your friend! 

Skill Building – Shhhh, it’s our little secret… but while we’re having all this fun, we’re really building new skills and finding new strengths within ourselves

Inclusive Atmosphere – Your interest and ABILITIES matter to us! Programming and special activities are designed around our participants and their passions – no matter how big or small. There’s no square pegs fitting into round holes around here! Come find a place of belonging here at Adults In Motion!  

Exceptional Staff – Our staff make the difference and represent the heart of the Adults In Motion experience. Our staff teams share decades of combined experience working with vulnerable individuals and each are experts in compassion and acceptance. Their passion for enhancing the lives of our participants and their big hearts make them exceptional human beings we are lucky to call ours. 

The AIM Culture – People say this is what truly makes us different. A program built on the foundation of love, compassion, laughter, family and common sense. You have to feel it to believe it – come visit us and see for yourself.

IN Motion – Adults In Motion believes in programming that promotes a healthy lifestyle, recognizing the importance of daily physical activity as well as healthy bodies and healthy minds.

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High School Students

If you’re still in school, you can attend Adults In Motion during school holidays, including PD days. You could also be eligible for a special school placement as a participant through your school. Contact us and we’ll tell you how!

High School Students


As a community active program with a 5:1 participant to staff ratio, Adults In Motion can support individuals who: can travel safely in small supervised groups throughout the community, are generally independent in the washroom, and who do not have aggressive behaviours. 

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