Our Mission is to build a strong safe and supportive community for people with disabilities and their families, while meeting needs, creating opportunities and inspiring inclusion.

How we help:

  • 8:30am-3:30pm Monday-Friday
  • encourage growth
  • community-based programming
  • enhance life experiences
  • build friendships
  • provide meaningful activities
  • create real opportunities
  • increase skill development
  • inspire inclusion

Adult Participants

Adults in Motion day program participants are typically 18+ years, often joining us after high school graduation.  Participants enjoy friendships, music, movement, learning new skills, special events, excursions and volunteering in the community.  Specific qualifying criteria below.

High School Students

If you’re a student you can still attend Adults In Motion’s day programs during school holidays, including PD days! You could also be eligible for a special placement through your school and become a day program participant!  Contact us for information.  Specific qualifying criteria below.  Approx. age 16+

Attend for the whole break or days of your choice.  Another great way to explore AIM. Approx 18+

Spend them with us! Experience what life after high school can look like at Adults in Motion.  Approx. age 16+.  Virtual and in-person options.

Join us for some summer days or choose full weeks that work for your schedule.  Approx. age 16+. Virtual and in-person options.

A great way to spend your break for a day or the full week.  Fun and friendships!  Approx. age 16+. Virtual and in-person options.

Enjoy your winter break with us throughout the holidays. Another way to join the fun! Approx. age 16+.  Virtual and in-person options.

Join us for some summer days or choose full weeks that work for your summer schedule.   Approx. age 16+


Community Inclusion

Our activities promote community leadership opportunities, inclusion and contributing to the community, which includes volunteerism! (Currently modified due to COVID-19)

Accessible spaces

Visit a location near you to learn about our accessibility standards and accommodations, including wheelchair access and safety.

community-based location

Located carefully within communities, our programs have close access to shopping, recreation centers, schools and public transit. (Currently modified due to COVID-19)

Sensory room

Many locations include a sensory room designed for enjoyment with special lighting, music and objects that meet individual and group needs.

Exercise space

Space to move, exercise and play is an essential part of our days that’s why each location includes a gym, exercise room or dance studio on site.

Green Space

Parks, adjacent green space, school playgrounds, walking trails or lakes can be found within walking distance of our program locations.

Full Kitchens

Full kitchens at every site include a sink, stove, fridge and appliances which are essential program features that meet health and safety standards.


Everyone has the right to feel accepted and understood, valued and purposeful.  Come find your place of belonging and let your light shine.

magic ratio


Qualifying Criteria: As a community active program with a 5:1 participant to staff ratio, Adults In Motion can support individuals who: can travel safely in small supervised groups throughout the community, are generally independent in the washroom, and who do not have aggressive or disruptive behaviours. *See COVID Safeguards below for more current safety criteria.

Adults In Motion can be found across Southern Ontario

founded in 2009 - NOT FOR PROFIT


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