Finding common threads

Until the recent pandemic, Adults in Motion was one of the most socially engaging ways to spend a day; engaging in activities together, sharing ideas, and learning about one another.  This was all something that had happened so organically.  We grew together and became so beautifully intertwined in each other’s worlds- staff and participants alike. I had not ever stopped to truly reflect on it. Like the old adage: You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. This sudden change of pace to socially-distance has been a life-style withdrawal for many of us.

Having the opportunity to give back to our community may have had a far greater impact on my mom and my overall wellbeing than the principal contribution of healthcare gowns to service providers. This project brought together sewists from across the region in one common goal. We found ourselves connecting over phone and email, sharing tips and tricks for the various stages of the pattern. While my mom’s skills were in one area and mine were better used in another, we divvied up tasks that made the best use of our strengths.  We stumbled through the tough parts and laughed at our mistakes. With each gown, we became more proficient and confident in our abilities. In the end, we were left feeling so connected to and proud of our community without having physical contact with another person.

This whole experience filled my mom and me with what we’d been missing- connection and purpose. It reminded me a lot of what we do at Adults in Motion: work together, help one another, highlight our strengths, laugh at our mistakes, learn new skills, and most importantly build connections with each other and our greater community.

As we continue to wade through these unfamiliar waters of social-distancing, I look forward to finding new ways to find meaningful connections that contribute to both the wellness of my community but also of myself.

Don’t forget: the simple act of social-distancing is for the benefit of our community as a whole and each of the individuals within it. By staying home, we are all working together for the greater good. Thank you for doing your part too!

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