On-Line Workshop: Feelings & Coping in COVID

September 15, 2020


Adults in Motion has partnered with Trillium Support Services to bring you a special Adults in Motion virtual workshop.  For 2 evenings, join our Director Rodd Murphy and Nicole Staples Dorey (Trillium) to explore; your feelings throughout COVID, supports in your life you can turn to and strategies to help cope with our changing world.  Our goal is to help keep you healthy in body, spirit and mind!  

When: October 1st and 5th 6:30-7:15pm

Where: On-line, zoom link to be provided upon registration and payment

How to Register: contact Adults in Motion (by email, phone or through this website)

Cost: $40 for the 2-night session

Who is this for? Anyone, but the workshop will be geared towards people with developmental disabilities.



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