What makes a job enjoyable? What makes a good job? What makes a job rewarding?  My answers… having a place you enjoy going to each day; feeling support from team members and directors; experiencing personal and professional growth. For me- the job that fits these descriptions is Adults in Motion.

Working at Adults in Motion has been such a rewarding experience for me and is a job that has helped me grow as a professional in a work environment, but also as an individual. I feel such joy when coming into work each day and interacting with not only each participant but also the caregivers. I get the incredible privilege of being able to work alongside such amazing, beautiful, authentic and passionate individuals. Working with people with disabilities has taught me so much about myself, my strengths as well as areas of growth.

At Adults in Motion, we deliver programs that offer variety, energy, growth, experience, and opportunities for community connections. From baking to art to outings to volunteering to science to active programs to music- we do it all! My co-worker and I started up the Cambridge choir and I love watching the participants belt out the tunes and play their musical instruments. I love baking with our members and seeing their independence shine through; I love watching them interact with people within the community and the genuine smiles they bring to the faces of complete strangers. I genuinely look forward to what each day holds and what I will learn throughout the day. I love having the opportunities to meet up and interact with the other programs and watching our participants interact with their friends.

Being part of this organization and community is fulfilling and rewarding all by itself. I believe Adults in Motion is changing the way that people in the community view the word “disability” and helps them see “abilities”. Our participants show us everyday what they can do and we encourage them to shine. There is so much we can learn if we only take the time to listen, show kindness, patience and gratitude. We all have the ability to change the world, every one of us when given the opportunity, one step at a time.

Nicole Jackson, Adults in Motion Cambridge Team, since 2021

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